Restfulness: an open-source bookmarking project inspired by

Farid Ahmadian
3 min readFeb 10, 2021

Once upon a time there was a famous social bookmarking web service for storing, sharing, and discovering web bookmarks. Almost every famous blogger who I knew was using it and it had a really Delicious name and taste :)


You might be wondering what happened to it. It was bought by Yahoo and, as everybody knows, Yahoo is very good at destroying everything -including itself!

During the first wave of Corona, I was thinking it would be cool if I could transfer my experience in software development to my nephew. He had recently started at the university and I wanted to show him how it is to develop a real application. So I asked myself what if we create an opensource clone of with modern technologies?

I should admit his performance was beyond my expectations and he learned and developed everything that I suggested very fast. We used swagger, jwt, sqlalchemy, flask-restful and docker on the backend side:

So we created our Restful API and named it Restfulness, where the user can create their own profile, save their bookmarks, organize them in categories, and there is social place to see the activity of other public users.

But the missing part the client that connects to the API. Here we were lucky to count with the help of my talented cousin. He developed a client with Flutter, so that it could be built for different platforms like Android, Mac OS and Windows:

You can install it for your Android phone from the Google Play Store:

Or download a Mac or Windows client at the website. After installing it you can test all the features on the demo server.

Each of us has spent our spare time to reach a well polished MVP (minimum viable product) that can be used to share bookmarks within a team. After lots of bug fixes now I am pleased to announce it is ready to use on your server — you can find out how to install it on our backed Github page:

The idea is to make it easy for everyone to install and test the backend API service on their own server. We hope to get enough positive feedback to continue to add more features similar to the good old and even new stuff, like the ActivityPub protocol to create a decentralized social bookmarking application — so your feedback really matters to us, please vote for us in

Hope you like this idea and thanks for your attention :]